All About Pellets


Pellets are made from agricultural products waste and are a replacement for fossil fuels such as oil,gas or coal, and can be used to heat boilers in manufacturing plants, and also have applications in developing countries. pellets are a renewable source of energy and avoid adding fossil carbon to the atmosphere.
A number of companies in India have switched from gas to pellets to save costs on boiler fuels. The use of pellets is predominant in the southern parts of India, where coal and gas are being replaced by pellets . Use of pellets can earn Carbon Credits for reducing emissions in the atmosphere. Pellets also provide more calorific value/kg and save around 30-40 percent of boiler fuel costs.
Pellets are the greater source of clean and green energy. we provide the best quality of pellets.


Gcv : 3500-6000 kcal/kg

Size :6-10mm or as per customer requirement